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Brooks School Academic Facilities Study MA 2006
Columbia University Benchmarking Study NY 2005
Cornell University Facility Studies NY 2003
Fitchburg State College Planning Studies MA 2005
Suffolk University Library Study MA 2004
The Ohio State University
Space Allocation Guidelines
OH 1999
THEC Space Allocation Guidelines TN 2009
Trinity College Academic Space Study CT 2002-2003
Trinity College Science Facility Study CT 2009
Trinity University Science Study TX 2008
University of Massachusetts Lowell MA 2008-2009
Washington and Lee University Library Study VA 2006
Westfield State University Space Needs Studies MA 2014

As Director of Planning for the University, I found that just the interviews we had with department chairs got everybody thinking about the space in a different way and helped them understand that it is not just about "my space", but how do we allocate space across all the departments in the whole university, in alignment with the University’s mission? This was a significant achievement in an environment where people typically approach space needs as, ‘how do I hang on to what I have and get more of it?’ The amazing thing is that Arthur can sit down and talk to maintenance people about what space they need and what features they need to be able to maintain the campus and then turn around and talk to the faculty about what is happening, and talk to administrators and vice presidents. He doesn't talk down to anyone, knows what he is talking about, and what is crucial when talking to the faculty who think the administration don't know what their needs are. ..Read more..

-Nancy Tinker
Director of Facilities Management and Planning
Eastern Connecticut State University
(former Director of Planning for the Connecticut State University System Office and The Ohio State University)


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